Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Goodbye to our best friend

We had to make the hardest decision this week. We didn't really see it coming and have probably been in denial about it for some time now, but it was time to put Kia to rest. She has been the best dog ever. She was with us for almost 14 years and we consider her our 1st born. Scott and I got her, as a puppy, just a few months after we were married. She has traveled all over the United States, climbed to the top of mountains, watched 4 children join our family and grow up, and basically been there everyday of our lives. Just her presence and breathing in the house was a comfort. The kids have never known a life without Kia in it and we have always been a dog family. I didn' t know I could love a dog so much until we had her and we all miss her terribly. We find ourselves doing things out of habit even though she isn't here anymore. She got to the point where she was unable to stand up on her own anymore and was not eating hardly anything at all. It was the most dificult decision to make, but we know it was the right one. Everyone took some time with her to say goodbye and John helped us dig a grave in our backyard under the Hale tree. Scott and I took her in together and were with her as she quickly slipped away into a peaceful sleep on Tuesday Sept. 14th. She is now buried in our backyard and I wouldn't want her anywhere else.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Once there was a snowman

The kids are already trying to plan out Halloween costumes. This is the beginnings of a snowman. Haha.