Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Luke's Kindergarten Graduation

Luke had a great 1st year of school. His teacher was wonderful and he learned so much. We are so happy he enjoyed school so much this year and are so grateful to have our kids in awesome schools.

Country Shop

We went into a little local store on our trip to the lake and came across some fun/funny items. I do love bacon, but this is taking it a little too far!!!!!

Scott Surf Spin

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Vaca 2011

This year we had a little vacation for our Memorial Day weekend camping/boating trip. We drove about 3 hours out to East Texas and camped at a place called Lake O' the Pines. The campsite was very nice, well maintained and all the giant pine trees made for some great shade. We spent 3 nights camping and had two other families join us for part of the time. Ethen brought his friend Chandler with him and Phoebe had Tierney join us as well. With 2 extra bodies and all our gear we ended up taking 2 cars to get everyone there. But I think that actually worked out nicely to separate the kids a little. We ate lots of junkie camp food, got dirty and played in the water to our hearts content. I love these simple kind of vacations. They don't require too much planning, everyone has a great time and is worn out afterwards.

This lake is FULL of clams. Phoebe decided to cook one up over the fire. She couldn't get anyone to try this dish.

the kids enjoying a mud bath that later turned into a mud fight
All mud fights end up with at least one casualty. I was pretty sure this crying was more for show than hurt. Seriously such sick mud.
It was Luke's birthday the day we started. Can't quite believe my little man is now 6. He wanted a cookie cake and I was thrilled with how great that would work out for camping!

O Captain, My Captain
Ethen and Scott double surfing
nightly ghost stories
A leisurely ice cream stop

Monday, May 23, 2011

Phoebe's solo

Phoebe spent a lot of time practicing and preparing to try out for a solo spot in her 4th grade choir this year. We are so proud of her for being so brave. She was able to sing one performance on her choir trip. Everyone keep telling us how great she sings. Doesn't she sound like an angel?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Festivities

Easter Morning we were able to snap a quick family picture

Phoebe's hair-do for Easter. Thanks to Jen for the great hairclip!

Here we are dying the eggs (that turn into yummy deviled eggs!). The kids look forward to this every year and we used our handy whisks for dipping again this year. I almost forgot to put them out but the kids reminded me and I just love how easy it makes coloring the eggs for the younger kids.

We have a great neighborhood Easter party every year. I tried so hard to get all the kids with the Easter Bunny but Paisley is still freaked out by large people dressed up as animals. She knows they are people inside, but can not get within 10 feet of one. And Ethen was just embarrassed at me trying to get him away from a friendly game of basketball to take pictures with the bunny. We had a good time playing games and the kids scored a good bit of candy as well.