Thursday, February 28, 2008

Luke never ceases to amaze us. Here is another of his creations! We hope he is always like this and it isn't just a toddler thing with him. He is always making us smile and laugh. I love this little man.

Bridge Builder

Phoebe looses 2nd tooth

This tooth has been hanging on for some time now and finally we got it out. I am sad now because that means she is growing up and going to get the big front teeth in and have the awkward pictures for the next couple years. I guess she has to grow up, but I don't have to like it!

If I post it then it will happen

I figure putting something down in writing for all to see on the web, must count for some motivating factor. Today I am seriously starting a regmine to get my booty in shape so that when pool time comes in a few months I won't be totally hating getting into a bathing suit. There I wrote it. Now it must happen. No more ice cream before bed!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have decided that I am forever and ever going to be denied a full nights sleep. Over the last weekend I finally decided to let Paisley cry it out in her middle of the night wake ups. Most of the time she would do the whimpy cry thing for a little while and then go back to sleep, but if she woke up at 3 (which is pretty normal) then I just turned the fan on in my room and I couldn't hear her. You would think with her being the 4th that I would have figured out how to not care and just let her cry MONTHS ago. There are lots of good reasons why that didn't happen, but I won't bore you with my excuses. Needless to say, I am sure that since I almost had it finally worked out that that is why she is now sick with fever. This is not a real sick either. She has no runny nose, no cough, no pulling on ears, nothing. Just a fever to make her super clingy and not sleep good at night. And since I'm such a pushover I don't make her cry it out when she is sick. So I guess I will be back to square one once this is over. Cursed forever. If I ever do get another good nights rest I wonder what it will feel like the next day to have energy! Maybe I will accomplish a lot more. We may never find out though.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Paisley woke up this a.m. with a fever. I was at Sam's Club on Sat. and decided to get the yogurt with the antioxidants in them. you know labled to build immunity and such. I am doubting that now, however. I give this to Paisley and she wakes up the next day sick? hmmm. She is so cudly when she is sick that i held off on giving her motrin until the afternoon.Hopefully she will still sleep some tonight.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm a Strawberry, what are you?

You Are a Strawberry

You are friendly, outgoing, and well liked by many people.

You are popular, but there's nothing you ordinary or average about you.

You a very interesting person, and you have many facets to your personality.

Sometimes you feel very conflicted. Your different sides of your personality pull at you.

You are a very sensual and passionate person. You are fiery... you can't help it.

In general, you keep your passionate side under wraps. You are only wild in private.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Wall

This is for those of you who haven't seen it and for those that love watching it! here is Luke when he was just 20 months old in our backyard. Many refer to him as Spidey now ;)


Thursday, February 21, 2008


I'm in the grocery store with Paisley riding in the seat of the cart and Luke hanging on the side of the cart doing some acrobatic moves every now and then. Paisley's eye is starting to get better now, but kinda looks even more gross because it is all yellowed and still black and blue. I just ran in to get a few items for dinner. (No, I am not together to have my menu planned out for the week or month and I make several trips to the grocery store because of the need of 1 or 2 items) A cute mom walks in the door with her cute husband holding their well dressed approx. 3 year old. At first she starts to smile at Paisley and then obviously notices her eye and gasps loudly, looks at me sideways and hurries off. While I'm still in earshot she says to her husband, "did you see that? that poor baby." I'm sad to say it actually made me giggle. I mean what did she think? Either I beat my child and then had the gall to take her in public or I am a horrible mother to let such a thing happen to my baby. Either way in her mind I was obviously an unfit mother. At least I didn't go there today and see her because now Paisley has a bruise(not very bad one) on her forhead where she wacked herself with a toy, to go along with the black eye ;)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So I went into the kitchen this afternoon and found Luke totally crashed, face down on the kitchen floor. I guess he was tired and just layed himself out. The problem with this is that it is now 10:20 p.m. and he is still not in bed asleep. If he gets a nap at all he is up waaaay too late. As a matter of fact I seem to have bred children that don't require very much sleep. Paisley has only slept an hour today and she was up 3 times last night. For as much energy as these kids have they really should sleep more. I know they did NOT get this trait from me because I NEED more sleep:)!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Our nephew and cousin Peter is on the downward slide of his tumor. It has been 15 months since he was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. Please keep him and his family in your prayers at this time. If you would like to learn more about his journey you can access their caring bridge site through this webpage . or just click on the pray title above and it will take you there.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tough Girl

At least this happened after her birthday. Paisley pulled the karaoke machine on top of her face. This is the result. It doesn't seem to bother her any, but it sure looks horrible. We were out and our babysitter felt awful about it. Just another day in the life of a Bergen.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

In the Motherhood

If you haven't seen/found these webisodes yet, you must check it out. Just click on the title to take you to In the Motherhood. It will give you a good little laugh. The stories are true stories that have happened to real mothers.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tag, I'm it

10 Years Ago: I was just a few months away from beginning my pregnancy with Ethen. So I was still getting great nights sleep (I don't think I've had more than a handful of full nights sleep in the last 4 years. Also I was still pretty much a newlywed.
Things on my to-do list today: 1.Get Paisley a birthday present 2.clean this house that has become a serious disaster, yet somehow I know that won't actually get ALL done. 3.Bake Paisley's birthday cake tonight so it gets frosted tomorrow without being hot and melting the frosting. 4.Laundry -this is a never ending cycle for me. 5. Make dinner -figure out what to make for dinner 1st. 6. Get the kids to finish making their Valentine cards for their parties at school tomorrow. 7. Make sure Ethen gets to Scouts. 8. Remind Phoebe she has piano lessons today. 9.whatever else I have already forgotten.
What I would do if I were suddenly a billionaire :Buy an amazing beach house and a jet so I could go there every weekend or whenever I wanted to.
My bad habits:1. Pulling out my eyebrows 2. Biting my nails.
3 places I have lived:1. Seoul, Korea 2.Bradenton, Florida 3.Nashville, Tennessee.
5 jobs that I have had:1. Food tray assembly at hospital 2. Telemarketer (for 3 days) 3.Pet Shop 4.Snowcones 5.Dermatologist Office
5 Things people don't know about me:1. I have scoliosis with 2 curves 2. I have a horrible memory 3. I took 5 years of Russian language 4. I still watch reality shows on MTV 5. I also still watch Days of our Lives pretty religiously.
I tag:1. Beth and Natalie because your blogs aren't getting enough updates for my liking :) That being said- I am sure that just means I have a boring life/crazy addiction to blogging and you two have much better/important things to do with your lives.


This is typical Luke behavior at dinner time. He is so fun to watch eat. Notice how he never uses the spoon, but is holding it the whole time.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Phoebe Looses 1st Tooth!!!!!

After working on that tooth for days it finally came out with the last bit needing a door pull. This video makes it look like we tortured her, but she was the one who wanted to finish it off that way instead of pulling it out. It was only hanging by a little bit. She was crying before we tied her up because she wanted it out, and then was crying when it was time to acutally pull it. She stopped crying right after I shut the video off. That is our little drama queen for ya. I probably shouldn't be laughing so much in the background though ;) . She was so happy to have it out and beamed that she finally was able to sign the tooth chart in class. Now that it is out she has to concern herself on if it will move into place and line up with her other teeth. I assured her it would by letting her know that Ethen's did the same thing and" his teeth look fine, don't they?" She then looked at me and shook her head no. That is what I get for trying to make her agree to something nice about her brother! By the way - Ethen's teeth are all lined up just right. To add to this long story, Ethen lost another tooth the night before this all happened and the tooth fairy forgot to come. Ethen didn't even flinch at explaining that she must have known Phoebe's was coming out soon and was just waiting till she could make one trip. Thanfully the tooth fairy remembered the next night to come. (She almost forgot again) and there were no real complaints that Phoebe got more $ then Ethen did (It was her first tooth and she was so brave with doing it with the doorpull! )

Monday, February 11, 2008

I figured it out!

After much trial and error I figured out how to change the look of my blog without messing up all the links I already have. This required some learning on my part in computer language and I can't believe it worked:) Thanks to Tiff for having a friend in the know. I stole the info from their site. I liked these paisleys and also wanted to show mom that paisley can make her think of other things than seventies hippies :)! Hopefully that has already changed in your mind, Mom, since our pretty Paisley was named.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


This is what happens when the kids get a hold of the camera :)

Poison Ivy

Ethen has officially been banished from playing in the creek. This is his 3rd or 4th or 5th time getting poinson ivy, and unfortunately for him this time it is all over his face. The itching has pretty much stopped so we are hoping he is towards the end of this round and it will start to clear up soon. It has lead to some shocked comments on "what happened to your face Ethen?" from several people. We went to the boat show on sat. and he wore his hoodie sweatshirt over his head until he wasn't thinking about it anymore.

Friday, February 8, 2008


My adjectives are not up to par according to Luke. Here is how the conversation went today as we were leaving to take a walk.
Me- "It is a nice day today"
Luke-"No it's not mama."
Me - "Why?"
Luke-"It's a beautiful day. Mama, say it's a beautiful day"
Me - "oh yes it is a beautiful day.
Luke- yes mama. It's a beautiful day. Say it again.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A new Prophet

President Monson has always been a favorite of mine. His stories kept me focused during confrences when I would find it hard to stay awake. His fun nature will be neat to watch how he effects the world. This is a perfect picture of how fun and loving he is. It was taken with Ethen and his cousin, Graeme, at my parents setting apart for their mission presidency.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

First Steps

Just 2 weeks shy of her 1st birthday and Paisley is starting to walk a bit! The first video is the night before the next video. She is doing more and more of it everyday :) I guess I need to buy some shoes for her soon.