Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nice run by Luke

Luke knows how to Juke and here is a great video of him demonstrating just that.  LOVE how the players run into each other and fall down.

Luke making it look easy

Sometimes Luke makes playing the game of football look all too easy. He is number 9 and his team had a great win today shutting out the Buccaneers 21-0.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Floor routine at Paisley's first gymnastics meet

Here is Paisley doing her floor routine at her very first gymnastics meet.  She had a great time and did an excellent job.  She got a score of 9.0

Paisley's 1st gymnastics meet, BAR ROUTINE

Paisley competed in her 1st official gymnastics meet! Here is her bar routine. It was the very first event she did and wasn't the best we have seen her do, but it was still really good. She got a score of 9.2!  Competition season has just started. We have several more meets to go and she was the cutest little gymnast ever. Looking very official in all her gear!