Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baking girls

Tina was so kind to invite the girls down to The Cake Stand to decorate cookies and cakes for fun. Here are their creations.

Saturday Playtime with Maverick

 Scott getting an adjustment while Mav watches

 Maverick loves his rope

Friday, February 17, 2012

A boy and his dog

Nap Time for Maverick and Ethen

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Red Spectacles

Got myself a new pair of glasses. Scott came in one day to help me pick out a fun pair. I am really loving the look of these red specs. They are fun!  Definitely one of the perks of working for an optometrist!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Visits with Alana Brian and Baby Hailey

I was so happy to be able to head up to Utah for a long weekend to visit with my sister, Alana and her husband Brian and their new baby Hailey. They live in Australia and we weren't sure when they were going to be able to make it back over to the states, so I was so happy to have them come while Hailey is still so tiny. She is the sweetest little baby and I only heard her give a real cry once the entire time I was there. Thank you to my Mom and Dad for flying me up to be there with everyone. I just love spending time with my family.

All smiles
 Nana made this adorable little monkey for Hailey and she seems to like her already :)
 She loves the comfort of being on her belly for naps, but only when we are there to watch her.

 She will definitely be musical with Alana and Brian as parents. They sing, play piano, and guitar to her all the time and she already loves it.
 Papa had the magic touch. Anytime he held her she snuggled right in to sleep.
Little Aussie baby smiles.  She even has an Australian passport.  Pretty sweet to be able to boast she will be a dual citizen of both Australia and The United States.
 Nana couldn't get enough of her 8th grandbaby

 Alana is such a good Mommy.  So sweet and loving. It is amazing to see me little sister in this way.  Just beautiful.

 Alana and Brian are fantastic parents.  They are totally smitten with Hailey.
 On my last night there I just happened to get lucky and held her to sleep so I decided to give the new parents a break and keep her with me until she was ready for her next feeding.  Amazingly she stayed alseep with me until 5:15 a.m.  It was so sweet to snuggle with her all night, and I was happy Alana was able to catch up on a little rest.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Paisely's 5th Birthday

Our Valentine Baby turns 5, Happy Birthday Paisley

Paisley turned 5 today. Five years ago we brought the most wonderful Valentine present into our lives. She has been full of energy and life since the day she was born. Paisley is still our little one. She is tiny in size but sure makes up for it in sound and strength. She is stronger and more agile than most kids her age. She still loves to hang on everything and anything she can, and her muscles are quite developed because of it.  I am that mother this year who seems to cry at every "last" she has before going to kindergarten next Fall.  It just amazes me how fast time has gone by for her to already be this age.  Thankfully, she tells me that she will be my baby forever.  We sure do love you Paisley.
Paisley has known most of these girls her whole life.  Love all the smiles and giggles they had at her party. L-R: Lily, Paige, Anneliese, Camille, & Cali

I made 8 layers of pink and purple cake in descending shades.  It was so fun to cut into and see how it all came together.

 A little duck duck goose at the party

 Thank you to Great Granny for the $5. You can see the smile on her face!

Grandma made this beautiful quilt for Paisley.
Cutest little monkey made by Nana.  Paisley thinks she looks like a ballerina and has been dancing around with her all night.

1st bike!!!
She even looks adorable in a helmet
Ready to ride

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Luke Having some snuggle time with Maverick, who thinks he is a lap dog.
Aren't they both just adorable!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ethen is just about to finish up his first year of basketball. It has been really fun to watch him grow as a player.  This boy of ours had some serious spring in his feet and was awesome at rebounding.  He has been getting up at 6 in the morning without complaining all year now.  I don't know what he will do with another hour and a half of sleep.  He is hoping it will mean more growing to reach his goal of making it to 6 feet tall.  Today he played in a district wide tournament and they got 3rd place.  These boys play hard and we know them all by name now.  It has been a great season.