Friday, July 31, 2009

The Party

Phoebe's birthday party was a hit! We had 10 girls over for nail painting, cookie decorating, freeze dance, pin the microphone on the rock star, and a few other games. 2 hours of silly girl fun and another AWESOME cake by Aunt Tina :) This time Tina picked up Phoebe and took her to The Cake Stand so she could help make her cake. This was soooo fun for Phoebe since, one of the things, she wants to be is a chef/baker when she grows up. Phoebe had it all designed on paper beforehand. They did a great job!


Happy Birthday to Phoebe

On Phoebe's actual birthday she opened her presents from family. She loved the baptism bracelet and hymnal from Great Granny, the fun box of goodies from Nana, the card with cash from Grandma, the game from John, and crisp dollar bills from Ethen. Thank you to everyone for making Phoebe's birthday so great.
Luke watching Phoebe open presents

Phoebe has been saving her money for months. She has been trying to decide what to buy with it and has changed her mind a few times. At first she wanted a DS (handheld video game), but finally decided she wanted the little electric scooter our neighbor was selling. They tried to sell it in a garage sale but didn't so when she some cash with the birthday presents she couldn't wait to go over and make the deal. They were so impressed with her saving her money that they even gave her $25 off the price! She was so ecstatic!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Phoebe's Surprise!

Today is Phoebe's 8th birthday and I surprised her this morning with a Mom and daughter morning out. I took her to the mall (where she thought we were going to Build-a-Bear) and took her to get her ears pierced! She was soooooo excited! She has been begging me to let her get them pierced for over a year now and I just kept acting like I was never going to let it happen. She really never thought I was going to take her, because I had been telling her that when she could keep her room organized then I would take her to get her ears pierced. Her eyes were soo excited when I told her what we were going to do; I think she didn't really believe me at first. She kept saying, "Is this a dream?" and a permanent grin was glued on her face. I love how happy she is. She keeps saying "thank you, thank you, thank you, a million thank you's!"





Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is something you may just happen to walk by while in our house. He actually let his feet go and just hung there with his arms a couple times. But I haven't gotten in on camera yet.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby's growing up

Yes, I am in a bit of denial. This is soooo overdue. Paisley is officially in her own "big girl bed". We moved her crib into Phoebe's room about 2 months ago and I think she may have slept in it for a total of 5 nights since then. All in the span of a couple days she decided that she could easily climb out of the crib and has never wanted to go back. So she has been sleeping with Phoebe in her twin bed (one girl on each end). They were happy to do it and so I was happy to have them sleeping. Part of me wasn't ready to put the crib away and officially say goodbye to it (possibly/probably forever). Scott took the inititive and took the crib down yesterday and Paisley was thrilled to have her very own mattress on the floor. That's how we do it here; mattress on the floor for a good while, because my kids are as active asleep as they are when awake! My 2 older kids still fall out of bed sometimes, but since they are big I am ok with them getting a jolt awake every once in awhile ;)

It turned into wrestle mania on the mattress

She did fall asleep eventually and here's the proof

Friday, July 24, 2009

silly kids at the pool

My posting has been off for awhile. I have been occupied with other things these days. Like swimming at the pool :) Here are some funny pictures of the kids.


Ethen earned the Webelos Badge in cub scouts yesterday. He worked really hard and learned a lot. We're so proud of him.

Luke learning to swim

Luke Is Swimming

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swim Meets

It's H-O-T here in Texas, but we all go out to support Phoebe in her swim meets. With Scott not working right now, it has made for really nice family time to be at every meet together. Plus we have the added bonus of John being here and always being supportive and coming out as well. He is a GREAT uncle to the kids. They love having him around.

Phoebe with her BFF's
Luke doing what he does naturally. We always have a few people worried and letting us know he is up high, and then they are surprised when we don't make him get down.
Paisley following in Lukes' footsteps

John and EthenHere's our racer!


Our little one is full of life. She is finding her "ness" and here are some fun shots of her just being Paisley.

Finding her inner cowgirl"ness"
Hiding under the island, to try and hide, while feeding her sweet tooth with a carton of frosting

Finding her fairy princess"ness"

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July 2009

We went to downtown McKinney and sweated it out to take a look at the car show and check out the local festivities. It was HOT (I think 104)and the kids were pretty much done after 1 block. John and I dragged them around for about and hour and then we got some cool lemonade and headed back home. I didn't get very many pictures as I was carrying Paisley for most of the time and it was so hot I just didn't even think about it. It was a relaxing day and we had a nice evening at the pool with friends and watched the fireworks show. Scott spent half of the day on the lake with a family renting the boat and we are happy and feel blessed to have responses to our add on craigslist. We've had 3 in just the last week. If your looking for a fun time on the lake, Captain Scott is GREAT!