Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swim Meets

It's H-O-T here in Texas, but we all go out to support Phoebe in her swim meets. With Scott not working right now, it has made for really nice family time to be at every meet together. Plus we have the added bonus of John being here and always being supportive and coming out as well. He is a GREAT uncle to the kids. They love having him around.

Phoebe with her BFF's
Luke doing what he does naturally. We always have a few people worried and letting us know he is up high, and then they are surprised when we don't make him get down.
Paisley following in Lukes' footsteps

John and EthenHere's our racer!


Mary said...

Great shots! All the spectators must be dying to just jump in that beautiful cool water! Love, Mom

Melissa said...

I just love reading your blog! You're family is so beautiful!