Friday, July 31, 2009

The Party

Phoebe's birthday party was a hit! We had 10 girls over for nail painting, cookie decorating, freeze dance, pin the microphone on the rock star, and a few other games. 2 hours of silly girl fun and another AWESOME cake by Aunt Tina :) This time Tina picked up Phoebe and took her to The Cake Stand so she could help make her cake. This was soooo fun for Phoebe since, one of the things, she wants to be is a chef/baker when she grows up. Phoebe had it all designed on paper beforehand. They did a great job!



Mary said...

What a great cake Phoebe designed! I love it! Pretty good dancing by the girl with the gourmet cast! Looks like the party was a ton of fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHOEBE!

Mary said...

Happy, happy birthday to our very special granddaughter Phoebe. We love you Phoebe and are so excited for your baptism to take place next Sunday. Wish we could be there but will be thinking of you.
Love, Papa.

Butler Family said...

that is an awesome cake!!!