Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby's growing up

Yes, I am in a bit of denial. This is soooo overdue. Paisley is officially in her own "big girl bed". We moved her crib into Phoebe's room about 2 months ago and I think she may have slept in it for a total of 5 nights since then. All in the span of a couple days she decided that she could easily climb out of the crib and has never wanted to go back. So she has been sleeping with Phoebe in her twin bed (one girl on each end). They were happy to do it and so I was happy to have them sleeping. Part of me wasn't ready to put the crib away and officially say goodbye to it (possibly/probably forever). Scott took the inititive and took the crib down yesterday and Paisley was thrilled to have her very own mattress on the floor. That's how we do it here; mattress on the floor for a good while, because my kids are as active asleep as they are when awake! My 2 older kids still fall out of bed sometimes, but since they are big I am ok with them getting a jolt awake every once in awhile ;)

It turned into wrestle mania on the mattress

She did fall asleep eventually and here's the proof


Shipley Family said...

oh those moments are so bitter sweet. It's hard to say goodbye to the things that keep them so little. We no longer have a toddler running around and it kills me. Paisley looks so cute and happy in her big girl bed.

Amanda said...

you deserve all the rest you can get. she seems so grown up.

hydee ann said...

ahw! we just got a bunk bed for our baby girls. sage is moving out of the crib to the bottom of the bunk & grace will move to the crib. we've always had just the crib in that room and it was rather sad to put the big bed in there. =( maybe i need to do a post about it! i like the matress on the floor idea. but we already have the bed in there - too late.