Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to Phoebe

On Phoebe's actual birthday she opened her presents from family. She loved the baptism bracelet and hymnal from Great Granny, the fun box of goodies from Nana, the card with cash from Grandma, the game from John, and crisp dollar bills from Ethen. Thank you to everyone for making Phoebe's birthday so great.
Luke watching Phoebe open presents

Phoebe has been saving her money for months. She has been trying to decide what to buy with it and has changed her mind a few times. At first she wanted a DS (handheld video game), but finally decided she wanted the little electric scooter our neighbor was selling. They tried to sell it in a garage sale but didn't so when she some cash with the birthday presents she couldn't wait to go over and make the deal. They were so impressed with her saving her money that they even gave her $25 off the price! She was so ecstatic!!!


Mary said...

Wow! I am so impressed! Very nice decision, Phoebe! Love, Nana

hydee ann said...

good purchase!

and i love luke's version of "watching" her open her presents - so boy!

Alana said...

Happy Birthday Phoebe!! What a sweet ride!