Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Valentine Baby turns 5, Happy Birthday Paisley

Paisley turned 5 today. Five years ago we brought the most wonderful Valentine present into our lives. She has been full of energy and life since the day she was born. Paisley is still our little one. She is tiny in size but sure makes up for it in sound and strength. She is stronger and more agile than most kids her age. She still loves to hang on everything and anything she can, and her muscles are quite developed because of it.  I am that mother this year who seems to cry at every "last" she has before going to kindergarten next Fall.  It just amazes me how fast time has gone by for her to already be this age.  Thankfully, she tells me that she will be my baby forever.  We sure do love you Paisley.
Paisley has known most of these girls her whole life.  Love all the smiles and giggles they had at her party. L-R: Lily, Paige, Anneliese, Camille, & Cali

I made 8 layers of pink and purple cake in descending shades.  It was so fun to cut into and see how it all came together.

 A little duck duck goose at the party

 Thank you to Great Granny for the $5. You can see the smile on her face!

Grandma made this beautiful quilt for Paisley.
Cutest little monkey made by Nana.  Paisley thinks she looks like a ballerina and has been dancing around with her all night.

1st bike!!!
She even looks adorable in a helmet
Ready to ride


hoLLy said...

happy birthday sweet funny little paisley! i'm so glad she and cali are good friends. they are two peas in a pod when they are silly together:) it was a great party-cali had lots of fun! love the pics-especially the duck duck goose picture. paisley's face is a riot as cali pats her head!

Alana, Brian and Hailey said...

What a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday Paisley! Have fun on that awesome bike!

Mary Perriton said...

Wow! What a fun birthday! Love Grandma Bergen's gorgeous quilt! We love you Paisley! Can't wait to see you again!