Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Phoebe Looses 1st Tooth!!!!!

After working on that tooth for days it finally came out with the last bit needing a door pull. This video makes it look like we tortured her, but she was the one who wanted to finish it off that way instead of pulling it out. It was only hanging by a little bit. She was crying before we tied her up because she wanted it out, and then was crying when it was time to acutally pull it. She stopped crying right after I shut the video off. That is our little drama queen for ya. I probably shouldn't be laughing so much in the background though ;) . She was so happy to have it out and beamed that she finally was able to sign the tooth chart in class. Now that it is out she has to concern herself on if it will move into place and line up with her other teeth. I assured her it would by letting her know that Ethen's did the same thing and" his teeth look fine, don't they?" She then looked at me and shook her head no. That is what I get for trying to make her agree to something nice about her brother! By the way - Ethen's teeth are all lined up just right. To add to this long story, Ethen lost another tooth the night before this all happened and the tooth fairy forgot to come. Ethen didn't even flinch at explaining that she must have known Phoebe's was coming out soon and was just waiting till she could make one trip. Thanfully the tooth fairy remembered the next night to come. (She almost forgot again) and there were no real complaints that Phoebe got more $ then Ethen did (It was her first tooth and she was so brave with doing it with the doorpull! )


Phil and Tiff said...

I'm pretty sure you are the ONLY people I have ever known to actually do the door trick...nice. We'll keep it in mind. And I think Phoebe is a normal girl because we are ALL drama here at all times.

The Little's said...

I can't wait until my kids are old enough for this!