Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Festivities

Easter Morning we were able to snap a quick family picture

Phoebe's hair-do for Easter. Thanks to Jen for the great hairclip!

Here we are dying the eggs (that turn into yummy deviled eggs!). The kids look forward to this every year and we used our handy whisks for dipping again this year. I almost forgot to put them out but the kids reminded me and I just love how easy it makes coloring the eggs for the younger kids.

We have a great neighborhood Easter party every year. I tried so hard to get all the kids with the Easter Bunny but Paisley is still freaked out by large people dressed up as animals. She knows they are people inside, but can not get within 10 feet of one. And Ethen was just embarrassed at me trying to get him away from a friendly game of basketball to take pictures with the bunny. We had a good time playing games and the kids scored a good bit of candy as well.


Lauren said...

You have such a stylish family! And Pheobe's braid is amazing!

Alana and Brian said...

The dog face paint job on Luke is classic! What a fun day. I was going to dye some eggs with friend, but we couldn't find white eggs :( They're all brown here, so it doesn't work the same. I guess kids usually paint eggs here instead! Love you guys so much! Where did your hair go?