Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daejeon Zooland

First stop of fun we had was to go to the Daejeon Zoo. This place was so fun and funny. They have some of your typical zoo animals like tigers and bears, but they also had geese and guinea pigs. Quite the range of animals to see! We took a little safari bus tour that was like entering Jurassic Park the way we had to go through metal gates. The bus took us right up to bears, lions, and tigers. One of the zebras practically came on the bus and since we were in the front seats the kids all took a turn petting it. That was so cool! Even Paisley went up and touched him on the nose.

This monkey was CRAZY bouncing off the walls and making us laugh. It kept slamming into the glass right at our faces and sucking on its toes.

Some yummy ice cream to cool us off
There was also a little amusement park section in the middle of the zoo and the kids ran around for over an hour riding all the rides. This zoo was like the Wal-Mart of zoo's. It was one stop for all kinds of entertainment!
I love this picture of the kids. They are screaming happy on this ride and the Korean's next to Phoebe thought she was so hilarious and cute.
We enjoyed a little show at the end of our day and since we were the only blonde's in the entire place the kids were constantly getting their pictures taken. Everyone wanted their little kids to talk to my kids and get a picture with them. They'll probably end up on the brochure for the zoo somehow because some of these picture takers had some serious cameras. We actually got a lot of that the entire trip. Sometimes people just taking pictures and sometimes coming up to us. It was a beautiful warm day and we had a GREAT time!


Konrad said...

What an wonderful place! I would love love love to pet a Zebra!! I can only imagine the excitement of this.

Konrad said...

*** correction on the post above "what A wonderful place".Denim is typing with me and adds letters from time to time :)LOL, Denim would like to add that he LOVES zoos too!!