Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paisley's 1st Haircut

Yes, I finally gave in and cut a tiny bit of Paisley's hair off. The back end is so much longer than the front and needed to be evened out a little bit. It was hard to bring myself to cut it since she has the cutest little ringlets and the end of her hair, but I managed probably an inch and a half. I am also probably the only person that can tell it has been cut.


becki said...

i hate to change the subject, but what is that wall color?!! i've been looking for it all my life, well for a few months anyway.
please share!

Shipley Family said...

What a cutie pie. The first hair cut is always the hardest especially when the hair is as adorable as Paisley's. Also on another subject, I love the names you chose for your kids.

hydee ann said...

oh i hate when the baby curls on the ends have to go!!! i didn't cut macey's hair until she was FIVE and i wanted to cry every time i looked at her for over a week. those bitty curls are so precious! that was probably the worst part of having to shave sage's hair last year. it's growing back, but it's thick &straight now - no more curly ends that you know have been with them since birth.

can i EVER write a short comment?! probably not. =)

mamapickle said...

The wall color is Ralph Lauren TAPESTRY with a dark glaze I rubbed over it.