Thursday, October 29, 2009

Star of the month X2

Ethen was awarded the star of the month for the core value of individuality! The really cool thing about it was that he got the award twice!!! One from his homeroom teacher and one from the P.E. teacher. That almost never happens to get it two times in one month. I will brag on Ethen a little here and just say that he is an exceptional student and good kid. Recently a friend of mine wrote me an email to tell me what a good kid he was. She happened to be in his class one day to observe another student and noticed how he kept his eyes on the teacher while another student was trying to distract him. I haven't seen this friend of mine in awhile and thought it was really nice of her to send me a note just to tell me about how great a kid I have. So there you go. Ethen is our Star of the Month!!!


the 4 of us said...

Well done Ethen! Thats a huge accomplishment!


-Melissa- said...

That's awesome! way to go Ethan!