Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trying to get The shot

I tried to get everyone in some semi coordinating outfits and smiling happily to capture our family this year. As you can see they did not turn out. Either Paisley was making some crazy face, Luke was crying, Scott's head was chopped off, or someone was out of place. Oh well, I guess that is why people pay photographers to take the picture instead of trying to get your kids to smile for an extended period of time while the camera beeps to the self timer. Oh and then there is also the fact that they all want to jump out of place right after the picture is taken to see how it turned out on the screen. At least I have something documented for this year!

I don't know what Paisley and Luke were thinkning

This is the only one that turned out semi o.k. but Scott has an antler growing out of his head.


Katie said...

I think your photos turned out awesome! Candids are my favorite. When you look back those are the ones that make you smile the most. Your Christmas tree is beautiful!

-Melissa- said...

It is always hard to get a good family picture. It always seems someone is not looking or smiling or doing a silly face. I like the middle one. You tree is beautiful!

hydee ann said...

oh, i feel your pain! but i always love these more candid, less professional shots later on. they really tend to show personalities.

and your decor looks great!