Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to Paisley

Our baby turned 4 on Valentine's Day. It seems hardly possible for her to be this old already. She is our fiesty independent girl and brings so much laughter to our home. Tina and Phoebe made a sweet heart cake that was so big that I was able to save the top layer for her little party with friends.

We went to Build A Bear on her big day and got her a new bear she named Pinky

The party was thrown together at the last minute and only lasted an hour, but they had fun and Paisley was happy (even though I forgot to invite 1 of her church girlfriends). The little girls made cereal necklaces and frosted heart shaped rice krispie treats.


hoLLy said...

happy 4th birthday paisley! that last picture of the 4 girls is SO CUTE! i'm gonna have to steal it:) cali had a great time-thanks again.

becki said...

so fun! my 5 year old went to build a bear on the 12th of feb. and picked out the same bear, but her's is fluffy. :)