Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scott's High Adventure Scout trip 2011

Scott is in the Young Men's organization in our church and every year they boys age 14-18 go on a high adventure trip. This year they went to Colorado for a 3 day white water rafting excursion and then they hiked Pike's Peak. Thankfully no one got injured and they made it home safely, worn out and spiritually fed as well. Scott's raft only flipped once on the first day and only after the 1st ten minutes in the water. It was probably a good thing that it happened early on because the boys were able to realize they had to have their heads on and paying attention the entire time. With all the snow this year the river is running very high and it is very fast. Scot had to swim to shore and get picked up a 1/2 mile down river after the topple. Thankfully they had wetsuits as part of the gear given to them.

Hiking up Pike's Peak, still in the tree line

above tree line and getting harder to breath
a storm started to roll in and it snowed, hailed, and rained on them.

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