Monday, May 27, 2013

Phoebe's 1st school play

 Phoebe played Lady Marie in a school play called A Princess Knight.  She had so much fun being on stage and being a part of the performance.  She had several rehearsals and smiled through it all.  She was born to be on stage.  She is so comfortable there and just beams.  I was able to be backstage before the performances and help several of the girls and boys with their hair and makeup.  We did Phoebe's hair before arriving as it was pretty intricate and took some time.  They had a total of two shows and two different days.  On the second day the main Prince did not show up for the performance and the drama director filled in for his part.  There was a little nervousness from the kids at first, but it all worked out fine.

 I was able to capture some fun facial expressions she made.  She got a kick out of seeing them afterwards.

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