Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dallas Zoo

It's Spring Break this week and we took a trip to the zoo for some mid-week entertainment. I guess everyone had the same idea because the place was pretty packed. Luckily most of the animals were up and putting on a great show. Luke kept saying they were all hungry and looking for food. I think his life may be slightly centered around food. Paisley liked the monkies, but mostly was just mad she had to be strapped into a stroller. Phoebe thought it was discusting how the elephant filled up his trunk with water and then put it in his mouth. I guess to a 6 year old that is like drinking from your nose. (I thought it was really cool to watch). Ethen had fun snapping lots of pictures and thought the monkey walking on 2 legs was hilarious. We had a great time


Rebecca said...

How fun! My kids are not going anywhere that fun this week! We're doing fun trips to the grocery store! Woot woot!!

Phil and Tiff said...

Luke does look a little hungry with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Brit's life centers around food too. Looks like you guys keep very active with your children. Lucky kids!!!

Wendy Lee said...

Love the zoo, especially on such a nice day! We went on Friday and it was packed-too packed!