Monday, March 24, 2008

Sister Easter Pictures

Trying to get cute pics of the kids this year for Easter Sunday was a task. It even made us late to church, but in the end I got a couple shots that aren't soo bad.

The fit begins

A carrot stops the crying

This is the best we could do


hoLLy said...

hey, you got a good picture at the end! they look beautiful! and i'm surprised that a carrot did the trick. i wish my kids loved carrots so much. i would have to give them like a cookie, soda, or piece of cake:) you know, something healthy. j/k....kind of.


We THREATEN our kids with carrots! Cute dresses! We were late to church on Easter (sadly at 1:00) because by the time everyone was pressed and dressed, I realized that I didn't have a new Easter dress and I couldn't find anything to wear!