Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Powder Mountain Trip 2009

Scott took his annual father kid ski trip last week. This year Phoebe got to go for her 1st time. She got all her gear for Christmas and was ready to go with the boys. Nathan came up with Annie and Graeme so that made for and even better time to be with some family. I stayed home with the 2 younger kids, but was kinda bummed that I didn't decide to go. It would have been so fun to see them on the slopes. Annie and Phoebe spent the 1st day in ski school, but they didn't have enough instructors so Scott ended up working with Phoebe the second half of the day. She has natural talent, just like Ethen and Scott, and did amazingly. She took right too it and by day 3 wasn't even falling down anymore. She got several compliments on her cute outfit and that made her smile. Ethen seems like he has been boarding forever and took to the slopes full force. He loves going off in the powder and trees. He was very proud to tell Mom that he went into the trees when she told him not to do that on this trip. Apparantly Daddy slamming into a tree and getting a huge bruise didn't deter Ethen at all! Really I just don't want him in the back country tree areas and Scott wouldn't have taken him there.... yet. They got a chance to visit with James too. I am glad he was able to stop by so they could visit for a bit. They haven't seen James since before his mission over 2 years ago. John came up to ski for a day with everyone too. Here are A LOT of pictures!! Enjoy!!

Phoebe looking adorable in her ski gear

Phoebe and Annie Getting set for Ski school

1st time on the ski lift

Phoebe coming through the pretty trail

Ethen, Phoebe and Graeme

Scott and Ethen

Ethen carving his way
Everyone on top of Powder Mountain

silly face

Phoebe taking a little break


Mary said...

Great, great photots! What a perfect vacation. The snow and the sky, and the people are all so beautiful! Love, Mom

Katie said...

Winter Olympians of the future! Looks like so much fun. Makes me want to hit the slopes.

Wendy said...

Your kids are so athletic, it is crazy. Great pictures and beautiful scenery.

-Melissa- said...

what a fun experience for your kids. It looks like they had a great time!

Phil and Tiff said...

So glad they had fun! It was a great weekend for them to be up there. Phoebe does look really cute in her ski they make them for bigger people?