Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to the Beach

Our first day back on a beach in awhile in San Diego. I only had Luke and Paisley with me and they were in sand heaven. John, Alana, and Brian were with us and rented a couple of surf boards. Brian got out there later in the day and broke the tip off his board, but luckily the rental place was nice enough to only charge him $15. Paisley was apprehensive about the the water at first. She couldn't quite figure out how it came in and then went away, but she got the hang of it and loved playing in the wet sand. Luke took right to the boogie board and was out in the waves riding like a little pro. One lady even asked me how old he was and couldn't believe he was only 4 and maneuvering so well. He is a natural. Paisley had a blast chasing a beach ball around. There is nothing like the beach to me. I love it; the kids love it; it is pure happiness!!!

Our little surf bum

John and Brian back from catching some waves


hydee ann said...

i love the boogie board shot of paisley! so cute. and some good photography, too. =) hope you had a nice getaway and some good time with grandma.

hydee ann said...

oh! i hadn't looked at the other posts yet. i thought you were just there for the visit to your gma you talked about earlier. silly me. =) looks like you had some really great family time with alana's wedding, too.

Tonya said...

I am so jealous. I miss the beach so much. Looks like tons of fun!

Tonya said...

Hey I had to turn my blog private. Send me you e-mail if you want an invite. tonya_floyd@hotmail.com