Thursday, September 17, 2009

Balboa Park

Luke and TobyPaisley, Annie, Graeme
One of our favorite places to go to in San Diego is Balboa Park. It is a beautiful place to just walk around and we always have to ride the old carousel. You can still try to grab the brass ring and win a free ride. The architecture is amazing on the old buildings here and I love to just look at it all. It used to be an old mission and has been kept up so beautifully.

Luke matches! Aren't they so cute

Luke could have stayed forever watching the coy

Time to cool off with a popsicle

Spongebob for Luke


Tonya said...

WOW What great pictures. I really love the last one where your little guys seat is wet! I want to come next time!

hydee ann said...

all those sights look so familiar since we were just there for my bday in july! what a great place. we're lucky to live so "close." we look forward to taking the kids there soon. did you eat at Prada while there? do die for! probably didn't go for it with the kids, though. sometime you have to try it.

hoLLy said...

looks like tons of fun! you got some GREAT pics.

Phil and Tiff said...

It looks like you guys have a blast wherever you go. Such cute pictures.