Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1st place

Swim season has started again. Phoebe had her 1st swim meet of the season and she did awesome! All 1st place ribbons this time!! She is so fun to watch and I love how much she loves to swim. Her strokes are getting so good and she beat everyone by at least a body length. This year is a good one for Phoebe since she still can compete in the 7-8 age bracket. She is the oldest one in her bracket on our team and probably on most teams, and since she isn't 9 until the end of July she qualifies to swim in that bracket.


Brian and Alana said...

Wahoooo!!!! That's awesome Phoebe!! What a beautiful set of blueys! I bet the races were so exciting- wish I could have been there. ~Alana

Korea Daejeon Mission said...

You are the best of the best! Way to go!

hydee ann said...

so nice when they can love something and be good at it, too!