Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cheer and Football

It's that time of year again. Phoebe and Ethen are full swing into the football and cheer season. Ethen is having an amazing year of play with tons of great plays like interceptions, recovering fumbles and, so far, a touchdown everytime he is given the ball. He plays both offense and defense, and loves both of them. He loves to get in there and hit hard. Phoebe LOVES to cheer. She is adorable to watch and is always so happy to be out there. Her smile is just infectious!
Ethen is on the end there #25

Can she be any cuter?

Cheering loud for all to hear

Phoebe's smile just makes me smile

This is what Paisley likes to do at the games

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Alana and Brian said...

I'm guessing Phoebe has more pep than the whole squad put together! I also think that's awesome she is on the 49ers - someday she can be like, "Yeah, I used to cheer for the 49ers, I'm on to bigger things now, but that was pretty rad." (hmm, but would she use the word rad?)