Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

I just love Halloween. It might be because the color orange is at the center of everything but I love carving pumpkins, I love getting the kids dressed up, and I love going door to door collecting tons of candy and seeing all the adorable kids dressed up as well as hearing parents comments. This year we acquired a ridiculous amount of candy that the kids came home and traded right away with each-other. I pretty much let them gorge themselves with it til they get sick and then there is usually a lot left over that never even gets eaten. I must also add how I love living in Texas where we can trick-or-treat with t-shirts and flip-flops.

Mariposa (Barbie Butterfly Fairy)

Sir Knight Luke

Garden Witch


Look! My sugar high is already setting in!

Luke and Paisley checking out their loot

Ethen and Phoebe with most of their candy. As you can see....ridiculous amounts!


Suzette said...

I'm guessing you can no longer raid the kid's candy now that they are older! :( I love all their costumes, especially Mariposa. What a cute idea! btw, we got to see your parents this weekend, which was so nice.

-Melissa- said...

I loved that the weather was so nice this year for Trick or treating. You don't have to worry about your kids being cold or putting coats over their costumes like I had to do growing up in Utah. Love the costumes!