Friday, August 5, 2011

Phoebe is 10

My girl hit double digits this past week. I put together a luau themed party with 14 friends and we had 3 hours of non-stop fun. Phoebe was able to go with her Aunt Tina to make a cake again this year. Lots of fun colors on this one. It was red velvet with chocolate buttercream inside....oh so yummy!!!! I planned lots of activities and didn't even have enough time to do them all. We ate fruit kabobs and Scott grilled Hawaiian Chicken kabobs that the girls gobbled right up. We played water balloon games and made flower leis. I didn't get pictures of everythign because I was having too much fun being involved. Ethen was a huge help in blowing up extra water balloons and keeping things running. Can't believe Phoebe is already 10 and growing up too fast.

Whip Cream Faces after the bubblegum game
It's over 100 degrees here so we had a slide (thankyou friends) to cool off

The hit that ended it for Hula Girl


hoLLy said...

happy 10th birthday phoebe! i'm gonna miss that girl in activity days:(

aubrey had a blast at the party-sounds like it was awesome! love the cake too. super cute.

Alana and Brian said...

That party looks like it was a blast! Happy Birthday Phoebe!! Double digits are so exciting. Hard to believe it's been 10 years and I was there at the bird shop getting my own babies while you were making your way out into the world! Also, that pinata is really amazing! Also, look at your world visitor map!! That is amazing. Who do you know in Brazil, Finland, Russia, the Caribbean, Mexico? Looks like everyone wants to be in on the party :) Love you!

hydeeann said...

aloha! looks like a blast.

isn't it funny how when we don't take lots of photos we say "i was too busy having fun" or "i was so involved that i didn't use the camera much?" does that mean when we DO get lots of photos we weren't participating or enjoying ourselves as much? hmm.