Friday, August 5, 2011

Splash Pad Cool Off

I recently discovered a new splash pad and sand area close by. While the older kids were off to Utah with grandparents I took the littles and a friend to cool off and get out of the house one day. It is a pretty fun place. They do a water light show in the evenings but I haven't been to see that yet. They had fun running around in the cool water and playing in the sand.

sneaky boys following Paisley

Makes me want to play at a real beach. Ok lets be real...makes me want to LIVE at a beach!


Alana and Brian said...

That place looks great and even though it's a bit cool here, I feel hot just looking at it! I'll be sure to visit your blog while we're in Fiji next week and put a new star location on your map :)

hydeeann said...

i no longer want a pool for my backyard. i want a splash pad! they are the best fun and NO drowning. love 'em!