Saturday, September 3, 2011

End of Summer boating

We took the boat out this final Holiday weekend of the summer for some fun. The lake is pretty low since we haven't had rain this summer so everyone had to pile into the boat and I had to swim out to get on after I parked the car/trailer. The nice thing is that we did get some rain last week and so the water felt nice and cool. Usually this late in the season the water feels really warm and it isn't even refreshing to jump into. We tried a couple new things this time and had some fun body surfing. They day would have ended on a great upnote if I had some backwards driving skills at all and it didn't take me forever to back the trailer down straight and while doing that I bent the hand crank and Scott had to fix it so we could get the boat on the trailer. I think I may be officially grounded from helping. Scott was so very patient with me though. I know there are a lot of pictures, but I love taking them and couldn't choose.

Ethen body surfing

Phoebe and Ethen before taking a hard spillEthen being a great big brother and helping Paisley

Phoebe body surfing

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