Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Sports X 3

This Fall Ethen is playing football, Phoebe is playing volleyball, and Luke is playing soccer. Ethen made the A team at his school for his 7th grade team. He is starting defense and plays some offense as well. We play in the high school stadium here and all his games are at night, so I am unable to really get pictures of him on the field. They turn out too dark. He is doing great and I just love watching him play. He is number #35.Phoebe decided it would be fun to try out volleyball this year and she is having a good time learning how to bump the ball. The rules are a bit different than when I played in school so we are learning together.
Luke is back on his team Speed. Soccer is such a fantastic sport for him with the constant running around. He had a lot of energy and chases after that ball like no other.

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