Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year Halloween was a busy night. Not only was it on a school night, but Ethen had a football game as well. Scott, Grandma, John and Liz all went to the football game to cheer Ethen on, and I took the little kids out to trick or treat. Phoebe was out at 6 with a group of friends making quick work of the neighborhood and I didn't see her til 9. She is beyond loaded with candy now. Thank you to Grandma Bergen for making a great Spirit costume for Phoebe! Luke and Paisley were with me and some friends and Paisley was done pretty early on, however after carrying her for 2 blocks she got a second wind and made about 8 more stops. She was more concerned with eating the candy than getting it :) ! I had fun doing the makeup again, but next year I am hoping they won't all want full face makeup as removal is very time consuming. Here are pictures from our night.

Luke's loot

Paisley's loot

Phoebe's loot

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Korea Daejeon Mission said...

Great job with the makeup and costumes! The kids sure know how to hold the creepy serious pose!