Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Preschool Feast

Paisley's preschool had thier Thanksgiving feast yesterday. She made a drum and her own indian costume at school. Since she is our 4th child to attend the same fantastic school, we have heard these songs for many years and I never grow tired of them. They are so cute singing and happy and all dressed up like little Indians. Paisley was very happy to beat on her drum really loud and do all the hand motions that went with the song. Can't believe this will be our last preschool Thanksgiving feast! Over the years the school has learned that the little kids prefer chicken nuggets over a real turkey and tatter tots instead of mashed potatoes. Not the healthiest of meals, but a small feast non-the-less.

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Marcie Tess said...

You look just like Mother and Daughter in that picture. It is so cute. What a great school!