Monday, December 26, 2011

Skiing Powder Mountain

We had an amazing day of skiing on Powder Mountain as a family. For the first time we were all able to go together! It was a such a great feeling to have all the kids with us and do a fun, bonding activity together. This was Paisley's 1st time on skis and Luke decided to skip the board this year and try out skiing as well. Luke took right to it and was flying down the mountain with us trailing behind him. He only rode the lift up with me about 2 times and then didn't want to wait for us so he was riding all by himself or with Ethen. Paisley only needed a few times on the bunny hill and had pretty good control so we took her up the lift and she had a blast. She would go most of the way herself and only needed to a little help down the steepest parts. It was so much fun and no one complained all day! Paisley started crying at the end of the day and didn't want to leave. The only way we got her to take off her skis was when we told her that John and Liz would be at the house when we got back. Thankfully they were there when we arrived. We are looking forward to many ski trips back to our favorite resort, Pow Mow!!

Waiting for the shuttle

Paisley all bundled up in her cute snow jumpsuit! It kept her cozy warm all day.
Ethen on top of the world
Scott in his element

Taking a little break to refuel. Paisley had to put all her gear on by herself.

Luke and Mama on the lift
Phoebe and Mama on the lift
Our incredible kids at the top of Powder Mountain
Paisley riding her way down

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Mary Perriton said...

Awesome photos! I MISS you!