Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Wedding!

We were soooooo thrilled to be able to attend the wedding of my brother John to Liz in the Salt Lake City Temple. They are a beautiful couple and we feel blessed to have gotten to know Liz so well and have her join our family. She is just perfect for John and we love her so much. Paisley was taken with her the second they met and we are happy to have them so close to us here in Texas. They both looked incredible on the wedding day and so so happy.
All the Perriton kids, we were just missing Alana who recently had a baby and it was a little early to travel so far from Australia
 Mom and Dad with the bride and groom.  Ethen and Graeme are in the corner there.

Cousin boys Graeme, Ethen and Max were in charge of the hot chocolate and drinks at the reception
Cousin girls Claire, Annie, and Phoebe were in charge of the french toast and other food to be refilled.  (And Look at my baby bro James all grown up and hott)
Paisley eating some cheesecake after getting out of her dress
Lots of Perriton Cousins were able to attend. It was so good to see everyone

Scott was sure to have the car decorated a little for embarrasment factor, and yes he spelled incorrectly
 Off they go :)

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Alana, Brian and Hailey said...

Amature, ha-ha! Thry're both lookin pretty darn excited about it!