Friday, January 13, 2012

A Teenager in the House

Ethen had his golden birthday and with that he also became an official teenager! He turned 13 on Friday the thirteenth 2012. Scott and I spent an hour and a half blowing up around 200 balloons and filled his room with them while he was sleeping. He is a pretty hard sleeper so we were not worried about him waking up during the process.

He had to dig down under the balloons to find his basketball clothes he had laid out for practice.
We got lucky and were able to get a cake from The Cake Stand (thank you Tina) and I thought it would be funny to just put his BBall on top. It worked.
Happy Birthday Ethen. We sure love you!!!!

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Alana, Brian and Hailey said...

Happy birthday to Ethen! The 13 on the 13th must cancel out to make good luck. What a stud!!