Saturday, March 10, 2012

Luke's ER visit

  Awhile back Luke had a not so nice encounter with a stick.  These pictures are a little graphic but I just wanted to be sure to get the event documented.  He practically sliced the entire tip of his nose off, and although these pictures look like a small cut I can promise that is was just a flap hanging on.  I was sure that it would not be able to be stitched back together properly and that he would forever have a weird bump of a scar on the underside of his nose.  We were pleasantly surprised at how well three little stitches held it aligned so perfectly.  Thank goodness for a great ER doc that took such good care of Luke's face.  He felt really bad and told Luke straight out that the numbing shots up his nose were going to hurt pretty bad.  Luke is one tough kid and he took it all in. He hardly even moved and only gave a little whimper once.  He only has a tiny little scar to show for it now!

All stitched up with a nice little line
Luke got a Popsicle after being so brave and he even said he might like to come back sometime.

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