Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 31st and out on the Lake!

This is the earliest we have been able to take the boat out ever. It has been in the 80's for the last week or so and it was time to get the boat cleaned up, so we got out on the water and enjoyed our first spring boating of the year. The water was still a bit cold but not freezing and Scott, Ethen, and Phoebe even got some surfing in. The fantastic part is that we have never seen the lake so high! All the wonderful rain we have been getting over the last month has filled her up and we are so grateful. What a difference from the end of the summer last year when the dock wasn't even in water and I had to swim out to the boat to get on.

Paisley, slowly working her way into the cold water

Ethen and Phoebe just jumped right in

Luke always making us laugh

 Everyone helping to pump up the water sac for surfing

a perfect wave for Ethen to surf

Scott showing how it is done

Phoebe gliding

Paisley can't get enough of rope swinging

Luke and Paisley hanging on to the boards


hoLLy said...

that looks so so fun! i've never done any type of water skiing, wakeboarding, nothing! how could joey have married such a lame-o?! haha.

hydeeann said...

you can tell they haven't had much sun yet by their skin tones. LOL =)