Thursday, May 17, 2012

Conversation with an almost 7 year old named Luke

Luke - phoebe what do you want to go to college for?
Phoebe - I don't know yet.
Luke - I want to be the ice cream man.
Phoebe - you know you don't get to eat the ice cream.
Luke - I know. I can listen to the music. The music is gooooooood!

I just love the conversations my kids have sometimes. They make me grin! We also didn't tell him that a person probably doesn't need to go to college to be the ice cream man.  I don't want him thinking going to college is an option.  On another note, Luke lost his second tooth so now he has this cute smile =)

 and this silly face
Tooth number 2 was ready so Scott got the door ready.  I think it is funny that all the kids prefer this method of tooth removal.  It works every time!

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hydeeann said...

i want to be the ice cream lady! that's hilarious. Kids are the best comedians, especially when they don't mean to be.