Saturday, May 12, 2012

Paisley Visits the ER

Our little Paisley took a spill off a kitchen chair and it came right down on top of her.  Poor girl was such a trooper and hardly even cried when they had to give her the lidocaine shot for the stitches.  The doctor had two nurses come in and strap her in a blanket to keep her from kicking and wriggling all over the place, but she didn't even flinch or scream out.  I couldn't believe how brave she was.  We think she will have a couple of black eyes once the swelling goes down, but are grateful she didn't have a concussion.  Warning...the pictures are pretty graphic, although we think she kinda just looks like an Avatar (only not blue and with blonde hair)

Feeling tired and yucky

 So tiny in the bed, but cuddled up warm with her blankie
 All stitched up

 On our way out and happy to have a orange Popsicle

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hoLLy said...

holy crap that looks painful! poor baby:(