Friday, August 24, 2012

Horseback Riding Camp

Phoebe's fun event this summer was being able to attend a horseback riding camp all day for a week.  We had the hottest record breaking temperatures of the summer that week and there was no air conditioning on the ranch.  Phoebe did not complain once and only said that she didn't even notice the heat at all.  She loved riding all day long and would have fun stories to tell us everyday when I picked her up.  On the last day they put on a little show to show the parents all the things the kids had learned.  It was cute to see her so happy and it really was a great camp.  Not only did she learn how to ride, but she also learned how to clean, feed, and saddle the horses.  She is in love with them.

Phoebe with her show horse Addy

Luke taking a turn feeding some carrots to the horses
 Phoebe won best in show for her group, and got a medal for being best camper of the week.  She was always helping out everyone and taking care of the horses.  We will for sure be back next year.

 in the saddle room

Luke riding the fake horse. They use this to teach the kids how to saddle the real ones.
Paisley taking a turn on Woody


hoLLy said...

how cool is that??!! she is one lucky girl! cali would love to do that someday-she is our animal lover. i'll have to look into that in the future. looks like so much fun.

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