Saturday, August 4, 2012

Phoebe's 11th Birthday

 Phoebe turned 11 last week. Here is the cake she made this year for her party.  It was a fun design and she pretty much did all of it by herself this year.  The staff at the Cake Stand liked it so much they took a picture of it and decided to add it to their book of cake ideas to order.  We thought that was pretty cool.

 She had a minute to win it party with lots of fun games.  The girls did really good and we didn't even have enough time to do all the games we had planned.

 Phoebe got a new bike this year as she has outgrown her old one.  She is happy to have a new set of wheels.


hoLLy said...

love that cake! happy birthday phoebe!

Alana, Brian and Hailey said...

Happy Birthday Phoebe!!!! What an awesome bike- so cute just like you!