Monday, January 14, 2008


I just love blooper videos. Big shots in action here! Should these guys actually be "teaching" their boys how to ski and snowboard?
video video

videoI love Nathan's commentary and laugh on these, it's infectious!!


Phil and Tiff said...

Glad the trip was a success! However, Charlie has watched the snowboarding video and does NOT want to learn....thanks. She'll get over it I'm sure.

alibop said...

Hey - I love the blog. Great videos and music! I'll keep checking in as it is quiet entertaining!

The Little's said...

Nathan's voice reminds me of my brother Billy! How fun...!

Kristy said...

Yeah! Its fun to see the guys in action. Thanks for the videos since I was the one that took the camera and only got pics of my vacation with my sisters, and not of Chris' on the mountain. Looks fun!