Sunday, January 6, 2008

Potty Training

So I have been telling myself that once the diapers from this pack are gone that I will start potty training Luke. We have never waited so long to start this process and I am seriously sick of changing 2 babies diapers. Yesterday it started and he gets so mad every time I tell him to go. Subconsiously I must have put this off for so long on purpose. I forgot how much of a pain it is! Today I still left his diaper on for half the day and when I finally got around to it pulled out the last clean pair of Go, Diego , Go undies. To this Luke said,"I don't want underwear, I wear diapers" Yet another sign that it is time to get this done. I started this now and really need to go for it. If Luke gets the idea that he has a choice in the matter then he will choose not to. Does anyone remember how to potty train a boy? I will keep you updated on the nonprogress I am sure :)


Hershfield Family said...

Good luck potty training a boy! It took me a year to potty train Josh. Honestly, you can't push him. I think the best advice is to wait until he is ready.

The Little's said...

Yay! You're a blogger! Good luck on the potty training...I'm pretty sick of it, myself. Good thing my little girl can't seem to live without candy...that's some award-winning parenting advice for you!

Beth said...

Nicole - there is no way you are going to persuade that little guy to do anything he doesn't decide to do on his own. I know this type. I have one. It took two serious tries at two separate times in one year. Only when he couldn't watch any more Dragontales did it ever sink in... go easy on him!!! I am so sorry - two in diapers really is not fun. Just think of something really nice you want for when everyone is out of diapers!!!!!!!!!!