Friday, January 18, 2008


In my last post I mentioned that we were going to have our hands full pretty quick; I meant we HAVE our hands full! You can see on Luke's face that he knows this was a BIG Uh-OH. I just couldn't help documenting it though. I think he has figured out that if I am getting the camera out he isn't getting in as much trouble. Luckily most of this paint came up-you can see just a bit of blue still there in the picture. What fun times we are having with these little ones of ours :)

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Danny & Denise Reisdorfer said...

Uh oh is right. At our house it was the parents who did this and not the kids. You have the cutest family, that definitely seems to keep you guys on your toes...and that's what makes it fun.
Love ya guys.