Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pinewood Derby

We had the annual cubscout pinewood derby yesterday. This entailed some hours of planning and executing the plans. Ethen worked really hard at making a sleek car to race ( oh and Ethen means Scott doing most of the actual work with Ethen standing by cheering him on) Really they came up with a nice design and were able to tie for 2nd this year. The fun part of that is the tie was with his cousin Peter! That is two 2nd places for Ethen now. If there would have been head to head eliminations Ethen would have had 1st for sure, his car was definately the fastest except for on lane 1 where it would hop and lose momentum a little. Does that sound really competitive? I am not one of those psycho parents, really!

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Mary said...

Way to go Ethen! Congratulations. The car design is way cool.
Your blog is so fun, Nicole. Very entertaining!I love it!