Saturday, April 5, 2008

Marshmallows NEED more sugar?

I had never seen these before, but they must be all over Asia since that is where they come from. Both my kids won some at The Zone tonight. I can't imagine why a marshmallow would need more sugar, but both of my kids LOVED them. Phoebe had a grape flavored one and Ethen got a orange. One wrapped marshmallow filled with flavored jelly!


hoLLy said...

we've had these, they're pretty darn good!

i love how your music totally goes with the post:) very cute. i try to do that too. i wrack my brains sometimes to think of what song will be perfect with my post:)

Mary said...

I should send you more of that kind of stuff! I have no idea of what some of the things I have stuck in packages to you are! GREAT song! Love, Mom