Monday, April 14, 2008


Ok I have looked at the picture a bunch now and am sad to say that I am looking OLD! I mean how can that be? I am only 32 (almost, not quite). I have wrinkles on my forhead and crows feet starting around my eyes. Is that for real? I am scared at what I will look like at 42. I remember Granny telling me the face she saw in the mirror wasn't the one she expected and now I know what she meant. That is really strange actually. To have a picture of yourself in your mind and it isn't what you actually see looking back at you everyday. And why, may I ask, do men age so much better. I think they get sexier with age and women just don't have it the same. There are some lucky actresses, but that is probably why they are famous. Anyway I am not trying to be depressing at all. I just couldn't help but notice.



you hit the nail on the head, well the part about how I keep getting sexier by the second, it's crazy!

Mary said...

Nathan is such a kick! You are beautiful. Wish I could post a little bit of old video I have of you and and Alana dancing crazy to this song. Love, Mom

Mary said...

You are beautiful! I know what you mean though about the reality of the stage of life we are in. I aged a lot when I was pregnant with David and am noticing it even more with this pregnancy!