Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Muddy Bliss


Marcie said...

I love it! Good job Mom with letting her be a kid (toddler).

alibop said...

She is so funny - I especially love the last part where she belly flopped in.

How did you clean it all up and how muddy did she end up?

Also Happy Birthday today!

Wish my baby would have a birthday today also - I 'll hold out until the end of the week before getting induced.

Mary said...

The thrill of discovery! That is great. There is a mud festival in our mission area every Spring that the missionaries always beg to go to. I guess it got out of hand one year and they aren't allowed to go anymore. Maybe we'll relent this year!
Love, Mom

Bergen Blog said...

We hosed her off 1st and then put her in the tub. Amazingly everything came clean!

Wendy Lee said...

Wow, you are my kind of mom. Let them get dirty and just hose em off!